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We’re proud to announce that our Turkish team was awarded the Leipziger Galvanopreis for the CASTELOX process on 27 February.

This prize is awarded annually by the DGO group in Leipzig, Germany for outstanding achievement in the field of surface finishing.  A committee comprising experienced plating experts assesses proposals and selects the winner. The award’s criteria include uniqueness, scientific approach, added value for the industry, market introduction, economic viability, publications, and patents. CASTELOX fulfilled all these criteria and was therefore selected as a winner. This year so many high-quality proposals were submitted, that for the first time the committee awarded two technologies.

That the second winner was Airbus – for an electropolishing process of additive manufactured (“3D printed”) titanium alloy material for aircrafts – demonstrates the high quality of the CASTELOX process.

After POLITEKNIK team‘s Dr. Can Akyil had received the award and certificate, he presented the CASTELOX technology to the auditorium – approx. 250 conference attendees in Leipzig.

We would like to thank the whole team and especially Güney Akdaş, Pınar Afsin and Can Akyil for their work developing this rule-breaking technology.

They started in January 2018 with the first trials and promising results, quickly followed by the automotive industry’s acceptance and interest. We are presently conducting several projects around the globe to introduce CASTELOX to industry players.

The challenge was that up to 15% of high (> 7%)  Si-containing casted Al alloy surfaces are insufficiently covered by anodizing layer, so such layers cannot be uniformly coloured and technical performance (corrosion and wear resistance) is also negatively impacted. The CASTELOX solution offers a new state-of-the-art holistic approach to achieving uniform anodize layers on such alloys.

Congratulations to the Turkish team for their excellent work.


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