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With COVENTYA being one of the leading players in the electroplating and surface finishing market, what’s more natural than extending our know-how to WaterCare, wastewater treatment and industrial water treatment?

Beyond the role of a specialty chemicals supplier, COVENTYA offers you a strategic partnership where implementing our WaterCare expertise fulfils both an effective process chemistry and the satisfaction of meeting environmental needs.
Under the OMEGA Line, our portfolio of Coagulants, Cationic Polymers, Metal Precipitants, Anionic Polymers, Antifoaming Agents and Specialty Products will enable a complete compliance with your local environmental requirements.
Effective water resource management is viewed as our corporate responsibility. Therefore we are fully committed to design the best solutions for water return, renewal and recycle and to participate in the global water conservation.
As part of our Eco-Philosophy and Customer Service Benefits, a Partnership with WaterCare by Coventya will simplify your process providing satisfaction and assurance in meeting your goals.
With WaterCare, you can now ‘close the loop’ with the 360 degree COVENTYA involvement.
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