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Supplying automotive industry asks for reliable, globally available processes, perfect local technical service, in other words: the Highest Quality at all times. COVENTEC approach is what allows documenting our ability to provide reliability all over the world. In agreement with the end user, it defines desirable quality parameters and ensures compliance trough frequent audits and regular technical assistance at the job platers. Thus, the COVENTEC is a quality label that gains confidence on all levels. Applicators can be confident to apply the best processes according to the OEM requirements and OEM and 1st Tier can be sure to receive parts that are always in spec.

(Consult the full list of COVENTEC Approved Applicators by following this link)  

One of the latest companies to achieve the COVENTEC Approved Applicator (CAA) status is Aneng Group.

As a world-wide leading manufacturer of metal tube components, Aneng Group mainly serves the automotive industry segment in Japan, Germany, US and many other countries. They supply a variety of tube components to various local OEMs, such as FAW and Geely, and international OEMs, like GM, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc.
In order to ensure the product quality, enhance the competitiveness and provide better service to OEMs in 2013 Aneng Group decided to stop outsourcing surface treatment business and make it a part of their in-house operations. It was our honor to be chosen as their key partner for achieving this Group strategy.
With the help of Coventya, Aneng Group established an industrial-scale surface treatment center for automatic plating. Currently the production facility has 5 automatic plating lines which can treat different applications such as zinc nickel, zinc and zinc tin plating. Through our joint efforts, the surface treatment center was qualified to COVENTEC standard in July 2019.

Recently our KIM Department presented the award to Aneng Group on behalf of Coventya China. Mr. Wang Xufeng (General Manager of Aneng Group), Mr. Hu Dongdong (General Manager of Ningbo Yada Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd., subsidiary of Aneng Group), Mr. Han Chunguang (KIM Manager of Coventya China), and Mr. Feng Zhongwei (Sales Supervisor of Coventya China) jointly attended the ceremony.

Once again, congratulations to Aneng Group for having achieved the COVENTEC Approved Applicator status! It has been our privilege to have in-depth cooperation with Aneng Group and we look forward to continuing the great partnership!




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How can we help you?
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