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ALUMAL, our product range dedicated to the treatment of aluminium includes many processes for surface preparation, chemical conversion and anodising.

One of the main advantages of anodising is the possibility of being able to colour the parts while preserving their metallic appearance, as opposed to painting. Our electrolytic colouring processes make it possible to obtain different colours by precipitating metal salts at the bottom of the pores of the anodized layer:


  • ALUMAL COLOR for light to black bronze
  • ALUMAL COPPER for copper tints
  • ALUMAL STEEL for the stainless steel look

Our anodising customers process tens of millions of m² for the construction sector in particular. However, the choice of electrolytic colours remains limited and we are now enriching our offer with a wide choice of organic dyes. Organic colouring is then carried out chemically, without electricity, and the anionic water-soluble dyes are absorbed in the upper part of the porosities of the layer. The range of colours available includes “classic” colours (black, blue, red, green, orange…) but also original colours to embellish aluminium and inspire designers. Thus, we offer a palette of more than 30 colorants.


  • ALUMAL RED 839 for a coppery appearance
  • ALUMAL GREY 833 for titanium grey to graphite grey
  • ALUMAL PINK 863 for a bright fuchsia pink
  • Etc.

Our dyes are easy to use and give a fast and uniform colour that resists bleeding during the sealing step. The robust colouring baths tolerate contamination by sulphate and aluminium ions and are protected against bacteria.

The quality of colouring obtained is exceptional while remaining economical.

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How can we help you?
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