Although innovative surface finishing technology is what we are known for, these products allow us to showcase our greatest assets - people.

Each and every day is viewed as an opportunity for our people to demonstrate their commitment to be the very best at what they do. COVENTYA employees share the following common traits:

  • Creative
    Open minds deliver innovation.  We encourage our employees to challenge conventional wisdom and to never stop asking why not
  • Knowledgeable
    Commitment and hard work is important but without proper training, education and experience it is an inefficient use of energy. Our people know the industry, the technology and how to do their job.
  • Accountable
    Our employees take pride in being responsible for their own actions and constantly pursue that feeling of accomplishment when they complete an important task or project.
  • Respectful
    Above all else, our employees respect their peers, customers and the communities where they live and work.
  • Dedicated
    There is no greater force than a group of people committed to a unified cause.  COVENTYA does not encourage dedication we require it.  Our continued growth is a clear indicator that dedicated employees are everywhere in our organization.
How can we help you?
How can we help you?
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.