A commitment to serve our customers is in our DNA.
Erik Weyls - Coventya CEO

Our world looks very different today. Great companies recognize that change is an essential part of business and continued success comes from finding that perfect balance between consistency and evolution. An innate ability to hold onto tradition while embracing innovation. As only the second CEO in the rich history of our company, I understand the privilege and responsibility that comes with this role and I’m excited to help write the next chapter of COVENTYA.

A commitment to serve our customers is in our DNA. There is a collective sense of urgency that permeates our organization, the source of which is our passion to make our customers brag about us. We understand how competitive our industry is and the many choices you have when it comes to selecting a vendor for your surface finishing needs. Please consider these remarks as my commitment to ensure we continue to provide a level of service that is unmistakably COVENTYA.

Tomorrow will undoubtedly present new challenges and COVENTYA is well prepared. This is a direct result of our massive investments in people, infrastructure and innovation. COVENTYA proudly offers one of the most comprehensive product lines in the world. From anodizing to zinc nickel and just about every finish in between—we have you covered. We partner with OEM’s from a wide spectrum of industries and engage with them from design to delivery. Through these efforts, we join hands with our customers, proactively shift and ride the waves of change.

On this website you’ll find a general overview of our efforts in sustainability and the commitment we’ve made to the communities in which we live and work. It’s only a summary as its nearly impossible to describe everything we do to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come.

I am honored to lead this great company into the future.  With nearly 700 passionate colleagues driving our business, I can’t imagine a better job in the world.  To our valued customers – please be assured that everyone in our organization understands that you are the reason we have a business. We thank you for your confidence in us and your ongoing loyalty. To our future customers, it is my hope that we get an opportunity to earn your trust and exceed your expectations of a surface finishing supplier.

Erik Weyls , Coventya CEO



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How can we help you?
How can we help you?
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