COVENTYA Aluminium Surface Treatment

Coventya and aluminium surface treatment have been closely linked since the company was founded. Nowadays LUMIA, our Aluminium Surface Treatment product line, is rightly becoming an ever more important part of our development.

Initially, the products offered were mainly focussed on plating aluminium parts with metals such as copper, nickel, silver… Over the years we have developed a full range of cleaners, deoxidisers and zincates especially adapted to the preparation of aluminium alloys and satisfying increasingly demanding requirements. Borate free and low temperature cleaners, high performance etchants and nitrate free deoxidizers as well as innovative zincate technology are a few examples of our know-how.

10 years ago, based on our extensive knowledge and experience on trivalent chrome passivates, we enlarged our portfolio by launching with great success the specific “LANTHANE” series tailored to aluminium. LANTHANE 613.3, the next-generation Cr III based conversion coating, became quickly the top-selling process in our aluminium range. Indeed, it offers several advantages including:

   Free of CMR substance and REACh compliant

   Cr6+ free layer compliant with ELV, ROHS and WEEE European directives

   Simplified effluent treatment

   2 components for make-up and replenishments : better process control

   Provides outstanding bare corrosion resistance

   Promotes the adhesion of organic coatings and increases the corrosion resistance of           painted parts

   Low electrical contact resistance

   Can also be used for the sealing of anodised layers

   Able to repair/touch up in situ

LANTHANE 613.3 has gained recognition and a number of approvals in many industries such as aerospace, rail transportation, construction…

Today, the LUMIA line meets the most demanding applications of aluminium surface treatment, as for examples:

  •  Pre-treatment for paint or powder coating, EcoAl-20 is a chrome free conversion coating that ensures perfect adhesion and corrosion protection. Mostly applied on architectural parts like profiles and sheets, this industry standard has had QUALICOAT approval for over 10 years.
  • Our specific LUMIA anodising products cover all decorative and corrosion-resistant demands. It includes:

-       LUMIA CLEAN: alkaline, neutral or acidic cleaners to remove effectively oils and polishing pastes

-       LUMIA ETCH: additives for long-term alkaline etching, to get flawless surface and fine mat finish

-       LUMIA DEOX: processes to neutralise, deoxidise and remove smut from alloying elements

-       LUMIA ANODISING: additives to improve anodising process, e.g. by making possible to operate at higher temperature and increasing layer hardness

-       LUMIA DYE and LUMIA COLOR: dyes and electrocolouring solutions offering intense and long lasting colours, as well as extended bath life

-       LUMIA SEAL: comprehensive range for high quality sealing, suitable for clear and coloured parts