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OMEGAL CDF  series is Coventya’s latest generation of mildly alkaline, cyanide gold electroplating processes that produce cadmium-free karat gold alloys from 14 to 18 karat.

OMEGAL CDF series consists of three processes.

· OMEGAL 140 CDF produces a gold copper indium alloy with a pinkish to light yellow colour colour (L* = 89; a* = 4.5; b*=14.8)

· OMEGAL 180 CDF, which produces a gold copper indium alloy with a yellow colour (L* = 90;      a* = 3.7; b*=16.3)

· OMEGAL 160 CDF, produces a gold copper alloy with a pink colour (L* = 87; a* = 9.3; b*=14.5)      

OMEGAL CDF processes are very stable and simple to control. The  deposits obtained with all OMEGAL CDF series process are hard and fully bright up to 20μm. With uniform colour and thickness distribution, excellent ductility and wear resistance the process is quickly gaining market respect.

OMEGAL CDF processes are primarily used as cost-effective undercoats in duplex systems where a very high quality finish is required. For special applications, in particular Omegal 160 CDF,due to the very good corrosion performance, it can be used also as a final layer. 

Omegal 180 CDF is the perfect yellow low carat gold underlayer that allow applicators to obtain thick gold layer with lower cost and no changes in the appeareance after abrasion

OMEGAL CDF deposits are RoHS compliant and are thus specifically designed for all decorative applications, especially items subject to wear and handling, such as fashion accessories,writing instruments, optical goods, lighters, imitation and karat jewelry, spectacle frames and watches.


- Why Should Customers Use OMEGAL CDF?

RoHS compliant: on July 1, 2006, the RoHS Directive (please visit: for more details) came into force and banned the use in the EU market of new electrical and electronic equipment containing more than 0,01 % of cadmium by weight in homogeneous materials. As a result, the watch industry OEM's required their subcontractors to move to cadmium-free deposits for quartz movement watches.

REACH: Dec 2011 cadmium is banned in jewellery, brazing sticks and all plastics

Cadmium-free: Unlike gold copper cadmium processes which have been largely dominating the low karat gold market, OMEGAL CDF processes are free of cadmium, which is a carcinogenic, toxic element, submitted to ever growing stricter HSE controls. As a result, plating shops are looking for more environmentally-friendly technologies that are safer for their operators.

Better than Competitive Alternatives: Unlike competitive processes, OMEGAL CDF deposits are fully bright up to 20μm and do not require multi-step plating. This results in increased production throughput, lower reject rates and easier to operate processes. Moreover, OMEGAL CDF SERIES is the only cadmium-free range available on the market which provides either pink and yellow deposits from 14 to 18K.

Substantial Cost Savings: OMEGAL CDF SERIES can substitute traditional Gold/Iron or Gold/Cobalt processes as underlayers where high thickness and good technical performance (deposit thickness distribution, plating speed, etc.) are required

- What Are the Key Features and Benefits?


  • Cadmium – free
  • Excellent thickness and alloy distribution
  • Excellent ductility
  • Bright deposit up to 20 microns
  • Hard deposit, with good wear and corrosion resistance


  • RoHS, Reach and OEKO TEX compliant
  • ‘’Green’’ easy to use process
  • Cost saving, low carat gold deposit
  • Attractive finish
  • Suitable for spectacle frames, watch-cases, jewellery and luxury accessories

Omegal CDF series can be applied on several base materials. To avoid copper and/or silver diffusion, a plating sequence using Coventya's Auralloy Shield LF (high performance white Bronze) and Decomet 460 NF (Palladium/Iron alloy for flash and tick applications) are recommended.

Tomorrow is Today. The OMEGAL CDF Series as well as our complete Nickel free plating sequence proves that the Coventya process catalogue does not depend upon Reach initiatives; it is ready for Market now!