COVENTYA has the colors, the TRISTAR 700 Series of Black Trivalent Chrome Systems provide three distinct aspects.


The TRISTAR 700 Series is an important advancement in the technology of high performance systems for Black Trivalent Chrome Plating from chloride based electrolytes.  COVENTYA has developed three distinct black hues: Light, Dark and Intense which meet the color requirements of OEM Automotive applications.


A noteworthy feature of the processes is their ability to provide remarkably uniform performance over a wide range of current densities and operating conditions.  They are able to provide this because the components that comprise the processes are effective over a broader range of concentrations than competitive processes. 


A second benefit is that purification treatment methods have been developed for the TRISTAR 700 Series Processes, which provide for rapid removal of copper, zinc, iron, and nickel, the metallic impurities that most seriously affect deposit color and low current density covering power.  Consequently, maintaining a uniform, transparent black deposit relatively easy to maintain and economical. 


The TRISTAR 700 Series Processes offer outstanding deposit coverage and aspect, even in very low current density areas.  The additives required to operate the TRISTAR 700 Series Processes are simple to monitor and control, and provide excellent stability of color under all reasonable operating conditions.  Despite their outstanding performance, the TRISTAR 700 Series Processes are cost-effective to use.  Thus, the TRISTAR 700 Series Processes are ideal where high performance is needed, and where high productivity is essential.

The blackening agent concentrations provide the following range of grey/black color according to CIElab coordinates:


                                            Light          (65 < L < 68) (0.2 < a < 0.3) (2 < b < 3)

                                            Dark          (57 < L < 61) (0.5 < a < 0.6) (3 < b < 4)

                                            Intense      (54 < L < 56) (0.8 < a < 0.9) (4 < b < 5)