WaterCare Metal Precipitants

WaterCare Metal Precipitants are designed to provide enhanced metal removal by forming metal sulfides with chelated and strongly complexed wastewater flows from GMF (Metal Finishing and Metal Processing) and general purpose industrial wastewaters.

  • OMEGA MP-5140: DMTC-based with a high affinity for nickel and copper ions.
  • OMEGA MP-5165: Inorganic Sulfide-based for reduced toxicity versus DMTC and a higher affinity for zinc and lead ions.

Discover more about the OMEGA MP Line in contacting

  • in the USA: Mark Andrus at +1 216 351 1500 ext. 409 or by email
  • in Sweden: Per Alsin at +46 33 20 28 42

Typical WaterCare Treatment Process