WaterCare Cationic Polymers

WaterCare Cationic polymers are designed to provide charge neutralization of mixed wastewater flows from GMF (Metal Finishing and Metal Processing)and general purpose industrial wastewaters. Wastewaters are inhibited by a strong negative charge from phosphating, pretreatment cleaning process, or any other charge influence, thereby providing solids conditioning. WaterCare cationic polymers assist in charge neutralization, thereby enabling solids to agglomerate and settle in the treatment process. By this agglomeration process, WaterCare cationic polymers provide for enhanced sludge dewatering.

OMEGA CP Line: a variety of cationic polymers of various charge strengths and molecular weights to assist in the wastewater neutralization process.

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  • in Sweden: Per Alsin at +46 33 20 28 42

Typical WaterCare Treatment Process