Zinc Alloy - PERFORMA 280 Line

PERFORMA 280 is an alkaline Zinc/Nickel process with 12 -15% for highest corrosion resistance demands. A substantial advantage is the low concentration of complexing agents and components, which could lead to product breakdown and decrease efficiency.

Because of this, the PERFORMA process is very stable and easy to use with stable Ni content, in the deposit at all current densities. PERFORMA 285 shows high efficiency even after aging of the electrolyte and proves this thanks to its excellent throwing power and high covering power.

The process is suited for rack and barrel, can be post-treated easily and with all conventional passivates. PERFORMA 285 reaches high corrosion resistance even after 24 hours at 248 °F (120°C) and is recommended by the automotive industry.

With the Separative Membrane Technology, COVENTYA offers unique patented processes to prevent from anodic breakdown. The system isolates anode and cathode thanks to two types of membranes:

  • our Performa Membrane System (PMS) based upon ion exchange
  • our microporous selective membrane 3S (Separative Selective System) based upon selective permeation.

PERFORMA 285 PMS (PERFORMA Membrane System) is the most developed and granted patent system of ion exchange membranes. PERFORMA 285 PMS and 3S provides consistent productivity and quality of Zinc-Nickel 12-15% plated parts.

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