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Passivate - LANTHANE Line

The LANTHANE Line is a new process line in the trivalent passivation range for Zinc and Zinc alloys. LANTHANE passivates are available as:

  • Thick-film passivate LANTHANE 315 for Zinc and Zinc-Iron surfaces
  • Transparent, light iridescent passivate LANTHANE TR 175 with nano-particles for high corrosion resistance. The process is adapted for alkaline cyanide-free Zinc, Zinc iron layers and acid Zinc.
  • Black passivates from LANTHANE BLACK Line, LANTHANE BLACK 707 for alkaline cyanide-free Zinc
    • LANTHANE BLACK 710 and LANTHANE BLACK 785 for acid Zinc
    • LANTHANE BLACK 727 for alkaline cyanide-free Zinc-Iron
    • LANTHANE BLACK passivates reach substantial corrosion resistance with controlled coefficient of friction in combination with silicated top coats like FINIGARD or ZINTHIUM FOM.
  • Yellow passivates LANTHANE YELLOW 334 and LANTHANE YELLOW 335 are without dye for alkaline cyanide-free and acid Zinc. Brightness, colour and corrosion protection are retained even after heat treatment or UV radiation.

New low temperature passivate, LANTHANE 316, reduces trivalent chromium consumption by 80% while increasing bath life and decreasing energy consumption.

A high performance, single component, low temperature process, LANTHANE BLUE 126 provides high performance (>120 hours to WR) and a pronounced blue cast, can be applied to all zinc electrolytes, and is suitable for rack and barrel applications.

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