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Gold - PARADOR Line

The PARADOR Line provides high and low carat Gold layers for the highest quality of golden plated deposits equivalent to massive Gold in usage. A full range of processes, acidic and alkaline, are designed for heavy Gold plating and are to be used as an under layer or top layer for rack and barrel applications.

The PARADOR Line offers a range of processes within the series of NIHS colours from 1N, 2N and 3N colours. NIHS stands for ‘Norme Internationale de l’Horlogerie Suisse’ and ranges from 0N to 5N.

A PARADOR layer is applied on rich Copper alloy substrates, after a pre-Gold flash and prior to a thin layer of final coloured deposit. The plated part becomes extremely resistant to abrasion and corrosion and resists many years in usage without modifying its cosmetic appearance.

The PARADOR Line fulfils the essential requirements of many industries for which plated Gold may have the same properties than massive Gold: Jewellery, Eyewear, Writing Tools, Watch, luxury Buckles, high-end designed parts and accessories, and Fashion items.

Your contacts:
- Davide Rossi +39 33 57 43 21 37
- Abdellah Fenzar + 33 6 75 15 04 42

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