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SILKEN is a process line for the pre-treatment of ABS - ABS/PC and PP-plastic materials for Electroplating. Sanitary fittings, automotive and electronics are the main users of this technology. The SILKEN Line includes products for all process steps from pre-cleaning to etching to Electroless Nickel plating.

The SILKEN processes are particularly environmentally friendly. The SILKEN ETCH 301 process works at a chromic acid concentration of ca. 80 g/L as opposed to 400 g/L with traditional etching processes. The Electroless Nickel process SILKEN METAL 701 is ammonia-free and lead-free.

The pre-treatment with the SILKEN process leads to a very smooth, uniform surface and supports a high degree of brightness of the final finish while providing excellent adhesion of the electroplated deposit.

Due to the reductions in waste water treatment and the reduced aggression on the plating equipment, the SILKEN process provides large economic advantages over conventional plastic pre-treatment processes.

SILKEN etched ABS viewed at different SEM magnifications. Pictures by LISE Lab., Paris, France

The next major step is obtained thanks to SILKEN ETCH 301, helping in the wetting process.

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