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SILKEN ETCH 301 is a newly developed etching process for ABS - ABS/PC- and PP plastic materials. With SILKEN ETCH 301, it is possible to operate at low chromic acid concentration while obtaining an improved, uniform etching result.

This leads to significant ecological and economic benefits as compared to conventional etching processes.

The additive acts as an oxidation catalyst and reduces the speed of trivalent Chromium formation in the etching bath. Due to the reduced drag out of chromic acid, the waste treatment costs are significantly lowered.

The additive also reduces the surface tension and helps the wetting of the work pieces. A further advantage is that the brightness of the original plastic surface is maintained with the SILKEN ETCH 301 process.

The next main preparation step is SILKEN CATALYST 501 allowing to activate the plastic surface.

SILKEN etched ABS viewed at different SEM magnifications

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