Molclear Sterilac

Molclear Sterilac is an anti microbial low temperature cure cathodic electrophoretic process for depositing a clear coating on solid brass, zinc based die castings and most electroplated substrates to protect them from oxidation and to enhance wear resistance. It has proven anti bacteriological properties (tests based on MOD ISO 22196) killing >99% of E-coli and MRSA bacteria.

It is used in the Molclear 110 product and can still offer all the other advantages of the Molclear cataphoretic lacquers.

  • Low Temperature Cure 120-140 C
  • Easy To Control
  • Kills >99% Of E-Coli And Mrsa Bacteria
  • Excellent Wet Film Strength
  • Non Hazardous
  • Enhanced Wear Resistance
  • Non Yellowing On Silver
  • Low Running Costs
  • Can Be Post Dyed Using Molclear Mtp 8xxx
  • Intergral Colours Possible Using Molclear CP xxx

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