Coventya Lacquer Technologies

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Coventya have sold Molclear and Molplus pre-emulsified cataphoretic lacquers for many years with great success as they offer several advantages over previous high solids high solvent systems, including:

  • Easy to use and low toxicity: they can be airfreighted at low cost.
  • Low solvent making control easy.
  • Low solvent gives excellent throwing power.
  • Consistent colours especially on flat surfaces.
  • Reduced risk of roughness due to pick up of particles from the air.
  • Adhesion is excellent especially on precious metals.


However there are some disadvantages to the low solids low solvent pre-emulsified lacquers which makes the need for a complementary process important. For this reason Coventya have launched their Molfin range of lacquers, which offer the following advantages;

  • Improved shelf life.
  • Superior acid and perspiration resistance.
  • Decreased sensitivity to pre-treatment.
  • Improved flow

The Molfin range presently has 3 lacquers, the Molfin PD 125, AR 130 and HP 135, these are complementary lacquers, and it is possible to convert from one to another depending upon the performance required by the customer.

Molfin PD 125

This is a concentrated lacquer which has many of the performance advantages of the Molplus, with an enhanced shelf life and reduced transport costs.

Molfin AR 130

This is a lacquer with extremely high resistance to acids and perspiration.

Molfin HP 135

This is a lacquer with the best parts of the other systems and without the weaknesses normally seen in these processes. The performance mix can be seen below.

Office Refurbishment

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Coventya Ltd., have finished the first stage of their factory refurbishment in their factory in Four Ashes.

The offices were in their original condition (>20 years old) and did not meet the requirements of Coventya, and so have been extended to include a conference room, reception and redecorated to improve insulation, heating and lighting, bringing them upto the best modern standards.

The work was done over a 5 week period, and to the great compliment of all, it was carried out without any loss of production work: this involved desks and people working where they could find at times, but they displayed considerable good humour and understanding, working with the contractors so that disturbance was minimised.

The new offices are the first stage in the complete rebuild, to follow are restructured warehousing to introduce an extra 50 tonnes of storage and then the laboratory will be modernised to bring it up to date.


One Year On: Reflections

It is now just over one year since Coventya bought Molecular Technology, and although in some ways a lot has changed also in many ways little has altered. The handover has been extremely smooth, with both Peter Rash and Tony Parker (previous owners of Molecular) helping considerably to make the process as trouble free as possible. This is shown by the fact that Tony is still involved with the company, especially in aspects of the R and D programme, taking advantage of his expertise and years of experience in the field of cathodic electrocoats.

Most of the employees are still fully involved in Coventya (only one decided to leave) and nearly all of the old distributors are supplied as before and often have a healthy working relationship with Coventya companies, often working together in the same countries!

New products are being developed and with the introduction of electroplating chemistry for the UK, the future for the next few years is looking positive and exciting.

Training Programmes

Coventya Ltd., have a wealth of knowledge on the use and application of Cathodic Electrocoats, and as part of the support for Coventya companies globally and other distributors, run in depth training courses for the use of these systems.

These training courses are held over several days and including theory of lacquer deposition, pre-treatment, equipment requirements,  troubleshooting, post lacquer dyes, integral pigments  and troubleshooting as well as the opportunity to produce their own colourful samples themselves.

So far training has been run for people from many countries including Peru, Mexico, India, Singapore, Germany and Italy, this has helped to establish a competency in lacquers which is helping to drive sales increases around the world, as well as creating friendships which makes future collaboration so much quicker and easier.

New Chemists Join the Team

Coventya Ltd., are adding new people to their team as they find they have to grow to support their expanding business, to help with both Research and also customer service.

Danielle Beere has joined directly from Loughborough University where she obtained an MSC in Chemistry, and since joining she has been actively engaged in new product development and in the training programmes; we specific emphasis on coating testing.

David Hawthorne joined late last year, extending a career in metal finishing which started running an electroplating and Cataphoretic lacquer line, and which has since taken on all aspects of electro and electroless plating. His practical experience and expertise means Dave can contribute to and support all aspects of our business.