Plating and electroplating play a central role in the packaging and fragrance industries. In these industries, this is mainly about plastic parts such as fragrance and lipstick caps and zinc die cast parts for caps for cognac and armagnac bottles. 

As plastic parts are not conductive, it is necessary to use several chemical steps from cleaning and etching with Electroless Nickel before plating with Copper, Nickel and Chromium or other finishes such as Gold. The objective of this process is the aesthetic added value of the plated parts that enhance the final product.


COVENTYA is a major player in the P&F Industries as many Customers use either our chemical range of products or our electrolytic processes containing Copper, bright or satin Nickel, Chromium, Bronze or Gold.



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The latest COVENTYA innovation is SILKEN, an environmentally friendly process line, which is used in the pre-treatment of ABS, ABS/PC and PP plastic materials prior to electroplating.

Our SILKEN ETCH 301 process works with very low chromic acid concentrations -- ca. 80 g/L. It provides a very smooth and uniform appearance to treated plastic parts. It also provides the required high brightness and levelling effect needed on the final plated part. Along with these benefits, it also offers improved adhesion of the electroplated deposit to the substrate.

Another SILKEN process, SILKEN METAL 701, is an Electroless Nickel process that is both lead free and ammonia free.

For a Copper finish, CUBRAC 600 is a high performance acidic Copper plating process that provides improved leveling, brightness and throwing power.

For a final Chrome finish, which is environmentally friendly, Coventya offers several choices of electrolytes, whose the TRISTAR Line, a trivalent chromium plating process.