Leisure Equipment

Electroplating plays a major role in the leisure equipment industry. Leisure equipment includes such items as fitness articles, “pétanque” balls, bicycles, garden tools, camping accessories and musical instruments.

Although dependent upon both the substrate and final use, these items are generally “Chrome plated” with the combination of Copper, Nickel and Chromium or just with Nickel and Chromium. Brass and Precious Metals may also be used over bright Nickel.

The various layers provide wear and corrosion resistance to the plated articles as well as an aesthetic and anti-tarnish effect. Several finishing colours are available: bright or dark Chrome, white Silver, yellow or antique finishes.

The number of Nickel layers and the total Nickel thickness will also depend upon the substrate to plate and its final use.


COVENTYA is playing an important role in this industry. Many Customers worldwide are using Copper, Nickel, Chromium, Brass and Bronze processes for treating Leisure Equipments. We will assist you in choosing the best process.




Precious Metals

Preparation Protection Decoration Precious Metals


We have been supplying improved Copper, Nickel and Chromium processes for many years.

DIASTAR 100, a high performance Copper plating process, has many benefits in that it is alkaline, cyanide free, is extremely ductile, and maintains pore free deposits in a wide range of current densities.

CUBRAC 600, an acidic Copper plating process, provides improved levelling, brightness and throwing power.

The TRISTAR Line, a trivalent Chromium plating process, was developed as a replacement for hexavalent Chromium processes.