High decorative qualities combined with excellent corrosion resistance are the fundamental requirements of the Decorative Market. The main players of this market are: Furniture, Sanitary Fittings and Lighting where numerous parts of household and consumer goods are made of plastic, thus functionally and aesthetically enhanced with an electroplated effect.


COVENTYA offers a wide range of processes fulfilling all of your technical requests and protecting parts with aesthetic enhancement.

We have developed solutions for you that fit the Furniture requirements. High brightness, material levelling, satin finishing, such as our Nickel SATIN CRYSTAL, with a wide range of colours are just a few examples of our portfolio, specially developed for your Industry.




Precious Metals

Preparation Protection Decoration Precious Metals


COVENTYA Research strives to improve its technologies and obtain outstanding effects with high technical performances in numerous conditions of wear.

Our commitment to research and develop new coatings is highlighted by our complete range of processes that fulfill the latest environmentally friendly standards, such as RoHS in the European Union.