Electronics & Connectors

The Electronics and Connectors Industries are fast growing businesses and markets. More vehicles, planes, computers and hardware, or the fairly new GPS instruments are all evidence that this equipment is for everyone and used everywhere.


Coventya participates in the global technology network organized to work with pure Tin only. Coventya partners offer the Connectors and Electronics Industries the best processes that allow the reduction of the risk of whisker growth.

These technologies provide a full range of processes for plating on different Copper alloys and comply with the WEEE/RoHS Directives.





Precious Metals

Preparation Protection Functional Decoration Precious Metals


After having tested several Tin alloys, we have developed a complete range of pure Tin plating processes based upon a sulphate and methane sulfonate electrolyte. Constantly innovating, our Group has successfully passed all EU request deadlines concerning the prohibition of nonyl phenol and lead components.

We found pertinent and efficient answers and substitutions to replace hazardous components notably in all our surfactants.