When one thinks Building Industry materials, they may automatically think of concrete blocks, bricks and roof tiles. However, what we often forget are the numerous plated parts that protect our homes and offices against tarnishing and corrosion or simply the enhancements that follow the latest trends and fashion.


What can Coventya offer to the Building Part Manufacturers?

- Zinc plated window parts, door frames or fasteners can reach substantial corrosion and wear resistances. They can easily be UV-protected with our FINIGARD and specially designed Top-Coats.

- Zinc die-cast internal parts for locks may be protected effectively against multiple mechanical functions using our cost-saving containing passivates LANTHANE TR 175.

- Door handles can be offered in various finishes: from Nickel-Chromium to antique finish Brass. We have a wide colour panel to achieve the colour harmony that you would want in Building furnishing and details.

- Cold-looking lift cabins can be optically improved with Aluminium plated panels using a primer obtained with our efficient zincates systems.

Clients, such as Ferco International /G-U, trust our know-how.




Precious Metals

Preparation Protection Decoration Precious Metals


Even if the Building Industry is not as strictly regulated as the Automotive Sector with regards to end-of-life issues, we want to supply you with technical options to help our children to still enjoy the homes they grew up in 50 years from now.

Dedicated FINIGARD Top-Coats have been developed based upon the requested functionality to block window frames during their assembly, improve wear and UV resistance, and obtain your customized surface while providing an outstanding corrosion resistance.