Plating and Electroplating in the Aerospace Industry will bring additional properties and strengths to metallic or non metallic parts -- i.e. plastic, composite materials.

Electroplating works on mechanic, electric, and aesthetic properties. Within the mechanic properties, it improves the resistance to wear, temperature, abrasion, corrosion resistance, and the coefficient of friction or sliding friction (i.e. as in the case of a screw/fastener). The improvement of contact resistance, conductibility or shielding will be achieved within the electric properties. Aesthetic properties will see an improved brightness, dull, or satin features of the parts.

These treatment processes are managed in a wet environment by using current for electrolytic deposits and chemicals for chemical deposits.


The COVENTYA Group has the capabilities to develop its own technology and formulation. Being of an international level gives us an independence that allows a great flexibility of Research.

A significant part of this is especially dedicated to Aerospace and its specificities. We are able to communicate our processes worldwide and adapt them locally to work with you and target your needs first hand.





Precious Metals

Preparation Protection Functional Decoration Precious Metals


Coventya continues to create a wide portfolio of processes that meet the requirements of the Design and Engineering Departments and markets evolution. This has been the continuum from the creation of the process of CADMIUM 61, a cyanide Cadmium electrolyte created in 1961 all the way up to LANTHANE 613.3, a Cobalt and Nickel-free passivation.

In the USA, the Coventya Group has become the leader of Electroless Nickel with ENOVA EF, a process containing no heavy metals, such as Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Hydrazine. This specific process has allowed our Company to anticipate the evolution of environmental regulations and has introduced the innovation to all of its locations. Electroless Nickel and its composites may be THE solution in the discovery of substitutive treatments of hard Chromium depositions, which are currently at stake.

Coventya Research has been able to substitute Cadmium depositions and associate different concentrations of Zinc-Nickel with hexavalent Chromium-free passivations such as ZINALC with a low concentration of 6% Nickel and the PERFORMA LINE with a high concentration of 12-15% of Nickel.