Surface finishing for Aerospace is a vital part of this important industry. Enhancing properties and extending the life of various components is one aspect of where surface finishing plays an important role.  The ability to plate composites, light metals and even plastics are also important as weight reduction is an ongoing initiative.

Enhanced properties include improved resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion resistance as well as modified contact resistance, friction coefficients, conductivity and shielding against electrical/radio interference.  Zinc, zinc alloys, electroless nickel and aluminum treatment are all used in this industry.


COVENTYA is committed to this industry. Through a dedicated R&D program and regular engagement with aerospace engineers COVENTYA has gained recognition as an important surface finishing partner. 





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Innovation within this industry

Coventya continues to introduce a wide range of processes that meet the requirements of this challenging application. The restrictions on hexavalent chrome, cadmium and other toxic elements/chemicals have not been viewed as a barrier by Coventya but rather an opportunity to elevate technology.  The release of lead and cadmium free electroless nickel, cobalt free passivates, and zinc nickel as an alternative to cadmium are just a few of our answers to these market demands.