LANTHANE 613.3, a single process solution for conversion and sealing

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Surface finishing is an integral part of the global aerospace industry, with much of this business focused on treating Aluminium with anodising and passivation processes. This has traditionally been dominated by a small number of specified coatings, which are based on hexavalent chromium and dichromate substances. The use of these substances has become objectionable, and there is growing pressure to remove them from the supply chain.

Regulations such as REACh, are the driving force behind the removal of hazardous substances from surface treatment applications, which has created opportunities for the introduction of new and novel processes that can be used as conversion and prepaint coatings on Aluminium, and as a seal for anodising.

Enabling the surface finishing industry to meet these demands, speciality chemical company Coventya have introduced a range of products that are free from hexavalent chromium and dichromate substances. Lanthane 613.3 is a new product for conversion and sealing, offering a single process solution for the cost effective and sustainable treatment of Aluminium and anodising.

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