COVENTYA meets the high production demands of zinc nickel with cutting edge technology

More and more Zinc-Nickel specifications demand improved thickness distribution for a number of reasons.   Uniform coatings perform better for applications that have tight tolerances and require significant corrosion protection. This is particularly an issue when subjected to cyclic corrosion tests as these are dependent upon the thickness of the sacrificial coating.

With COVENTYA's PERFORMA Zinc Nickel plating systems, excellent deposit thickness distributions can be attained while maintaining high productivity. For the applicator, this is much more than just the ability to meet the specification.   It's about throughput and profitability. This is realized by plating faster in the low current density areas and achieving the specified minimum thickness on all areas of the part. The result is higher productivity and less waste, especially in the high current density areas. 

The unique formulation of the PERFORMA processes from COVENTYA efficiently produces exceptional uniform deposits all while maintaining plating speed that supports the world's demand for high productivity. 

If you are interested to learn more about COVENTYA's market leading technology for alkaline Zinc-Nickel please contact us

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