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Village de la chimie 2016

Village de la Chimie 2

COVENTYA is traditionally present at this event to shows our involvement towards the young. The Village de la Chimie 2016 takes place on 12 & 13th February at the Parc Floral de Paris.

During this special event dedicated to careers in chemistry and sciences of life and nature our team will present the different opportunities offered by the Surface Treatment sector. But not only! Our chemists will conduct demonstrations of precious metals applications. This unique moment is always a success and is a real moment of wonder when, under the eyes of our audience, a little banal object miraculously turns to gold.

See you soon on our stand !



As properly fitted into COVENTYA tradition, 2015 has seen its Leaves winners. Two colleagues won the Bronze leaves, three gained the Silver ones and for the Golden Leaf, we had a one-woman show.

The Bronze Leaves went to UK and Germany. Russel Barnbrook has been at the COVENTYA UK facility for over 5 years, moving from cleaning the floor to taking responsibility for the whole Production & Warehouse. On the German side, the other Bronze winner is Roswitha Brandt, a precious member of the German Accounting Department since 1997 who has been doing its thorny job with unique tact and attention. Both of them stand out for their hard-working, professional & productive attitude who made them truly appreciated within their local teams.

Talking about the Silver Leaves, winners represent France, Usa & Italy. Sébastien Mery had a wonderful 2015 due to Electroless Nickel sales level in his own country. He is working in COVENTYA since 2001 and is currently PM France for the Functional Line while Doug Lay is the IPM for the Decorative one. Doug is the key reason of the success Decorative Line experienced in both Korea & USA in last fiscal year. They were joined on-board by Pietro Lelli, who is the Production Manager for the Villorba site. He did a great job with some specific planning projects on his field that helped a lot of countries’ activity. They all do their job with passion and commitment, facing their challenges with dynamism.

Last but not the least, the Golden Leaf flew to sunny Italy to award the priceless job did by Elga Nardi not only in her home country but also internationally, thanks to its newly acquired CLIC Manager position and the other Marketing tasks she daily manages.

See you in 2016!

COVENTYA SAS Sustaining Member of ESTAL

ESTAL Logo 2012final

In September last year, Brice Sottil held a conference at the ESTAL Congress: "Conversion Coating and Sealing of Anodised - Aluminium Based on Trivalent Chromium". The logical next step was to join the ESTAL and so COVENTYA SAS made an application at the end of 2015. Today, we are pleased to inform you that early this year our application has been validated and that COVENTYA SAS is now officially Sustaining Member of the ESTAL.

A little reminder: the Mission of ESTAL is to defend and promote the interests of its members at an international level. It is an unavoidable actor in the Aluminium Surface Treatment sector at European level. ESTAL is member of the European Aluminium Association. More info on ESTAL: www.estal.org


Our most valuable asset… our Employees


Let’s tell the story of our Coventya Leaves

Thanks to the initiative of Antoine Lopez, our former Manager at Parker, in 1993 we started to reward our best employees each year for their engagement and motivation. The ancestor of our current Leaves were "P" of Parker’s, a simple plated griddle.

Then came the Chemetall time but nothing really changed because we went on distributing the "P" Parker even with the Chemetall name.

It was with COVENTYA that the transformation began. When the Company was created, we named our recognition Award the COVENTYA Leaves, represented by a little plated leaf molded in plastic.

The last is the wonderful, stylish Award that we currently use to reward our best employees.

Bronze, Silver & Golden represented the award level since the beginning.

We also have Platinum Leaves, which needs to stay rare, for an individual, outstanding, lasting and innovative contribution characterized by a strong effort. We only had three since 1993.

Friday 13 november 2015


COVENTYA SAS & COVENTYA HOLDING thank all our colleagues and distributors throughout the world for their words of support.

The whole company together with its affiliates and distributors share the pain of all the victims of the terrorist attacks on Friday 13th november in Paris and, in association, wishes to convey all their deep thoughts of compassion towards all the people suffering from violences and acts of war.