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PTI approved by COVENTEC

On October 9, 2014, Mike Kelly presented Plating Technology in Dayton, OH with their COVENTEC Approved Applicator Plaque.

PTI is now approved to the COVENTEC finishes below:

  • COVENTEC 7351
  • COVENTEC 7751

PTI receives COVENTEC Plaque

From left to right: Brian Saas (All-Star), Dan Ott (Plant Manager), Mike Kelly (Coventya),
Tim Caudill (Quality Manager) and Paul Gall (Lab Manager)

OEMs Workshop 2014 - Brazil

In August COVENTYA Brazil organized a workshop in the São Paulo region for the automotive sector customers.  Lectures were presented by the major automakers: Volkswagen, General Motors, Renault and Volvo, plus the special participation of teacher Isolda Costa of IPEN (Institute of Nuclear and Energy Research) and Rainer Venz, KIM Director of COVENTYA.

Approximately 80 clients attended the event. The main topic of the workshop were the requests of OEM industries in corrosion tests and COVENTYA new technologies but other subjects included the problems that each automaker faces and their current standards for finishes like Zinc, Zinc Nickel, Nickel, Chrome and Zinc-Flakes.

Raul Arcon (KIM Brazil) started the event with the presentation of COVENTEC and after the lectures of Isolda Costa from IPEN, Sydney Schmitz from Renault and Maurício Corrêa from General Motors, Rainer Venz made a presentation of the new trends in POP, Decorative coatings and Chrome Free Etching.

The workshop continued in the afternoon with the lectures of Fabio Olivier from Volkswagen, Elison Santos from Volvo and Rainer Venz, lectured on STRATA, the new trivalent chromium process from COVENTYA.

Finally, there was a round of questions and answers which were very useful for all participants and after a very active exchange everyone enjoyed some social time.

Plating Master Class 2014

Recently, our Precious Metals group held the first 'Plating Master Class' in Villeneuve La Garenne France. The session was organized by Luca Romanò, International Product Manager-Precious Metals and local Product Manager, Abdellah Fenzar.

The purpose of the training session was to share current knowledge related to management of the precious metals processes. The role of Abdellah Fenzar was crucial, as he presented all the technical/practical documents related to our Best In Class products for the deposition of Ruthenium, Palladium, Gold and COVENTYA’s solutions for Nickel-free finishes.

 In particular, we focused on the following processes:

  • AURALLOY 420 LF White Bronze lead free
  • AURALLOY 250 LF Yellow Bronze lead free
  • OMEGAL CDF series Low carat Gold cadmium free
  • RUTHENIUM 400 and 800 series Black Finishes
  • Gold systems, most notably EPIDOR 800 series flash which produces 1N to 5N color

 To enhance the training session we added a small commercial section to summarize the global market position of COVENTYA and future opportunities.  

The meeting was attended by:

  • Jose 'Pepe' Cotino Flores and Maite Hernandez (COVENTYA Spain)
  • Riccardo Zanini (COVENTYA Italy)
  • Jörg BOGNER and Ines Jasperneite (COVENTYA Germany)
  • a number of customers or fashion OEM’s

COVENTYA anticipates offering the Plating Master Class on a regular basis to Fashion and Luxury brand owners as well as our applicators to ensure they stay up to date on market trends and latest precious metal innovations.

Winners of covECOchallenge 2013

ECOLINE Logo for web5

COVENTYA publish names of winners of the Cov ECOchallenge 2013

In 2011, COVENTYA adopted ECOLINE, a companywide initiative that guides and measures all of our sustainable business activity. Initial ECOLINE actions included the release of our Sustainable Business Guide, development of ECOLINE scores for our multitude of products and our covECOchallenge which challenges each COVENTYA location to pursue initiatives that best meet the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit.

In 2013, 10 of our 14 locations established and then pursued unique and eco-beneficial initiatives. Ideas ranged from water and energy recycling and use of motion sensors for lighting to reducing our CO2 footprint by more video conferencing. In the end, two countries stood out in their efforts and we are pleased to announce the 2013 covECOchallenge will be shared by Germany and France.

covECOchallenge Germany covECOchallenge France
Thorsten Kuehler-Managing Director Germany,
Thomas Costa-COVENTYA CEO and
Rainer Venz-Managing Director Germany
Herve Chaix-Managing Director Finance France,
Torsten Becker-COVENTYA CFO and
Laurent Theret-Managing Director France


Congratulations to their very smart and committed approach to a better tomorrow.   We recognize all COVENTYA countries for their proposals and efforts and know that the greatest thanks will come from future generations. 

To review the results of their proposals and all COVENTYA proposals please click here.




COVENTYA Invests in South Korea

COVENTYA signs MOU to build new facility in South Korea


COVENTYA is pleased to announce that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to build a new facility in the Chungnam province, Southeast of Seoul. 
In a very well attended ceremony Didier Brouckaert, Managing Director of South East Asia and the Governor of the Chungnam province countersigned the agreement.


Mr. Brouckaert stated, "COVENTYA has taken another very important step in enhancing our Asian footprint as South Korea is an integral part of our future”.


ByoungWook JUN/ Republic of Korea Vice mayor of CheonAn, HeeJeong AN/ Governor of ChungCheongNamDo,
Didier BROUCKAERT/ Managing Director of COVENTYA South East Asia Pte. Ltd.,
Seungkwan BAEK/ President of COVENTYA Korea Co., Ltd.


Thomas Costa, COVENTYA CEO added, “Industry leadership demands consistent investment in the future. We are confident that both the South Korean market and the world market in general will view this as a clear signal that COVENTYA is committed to the surface finishing industry.”

The new facility will open by the end of 2014 in a new industrial park and will have a production capacity in excess of 2000 tons per year, exclusive for the growing Korean surface finishing market.  In addition to production, the facility will house a state-of-the-art Technology Center to assist our valued customers that serve the challenging automotive and electronics industry.