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For our valued customers

Valued customers 2 res DD3

REACh is the Directive and Regulation on “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals”.  It entered into force in June 2007.

Since April 2013,Chromium trioxide and acids generated from CrO3 are listed in Annex XIV of REACh.

A substance listed in Annex XIV,which is intended for an authorisation, will have an expiration date (Sunset Date). After this date the substance cannot be marketed or used without an authorization.  In addition, a date has been set at least 18 months before the sunset date, until which a request for authorization must be submitted.  Only then is it possible to continue to use or to market the substance subject to authorisation even after the expiry of the time limit.

In the case of chromium trioxide and acids generated from CrO3, the following dates are derived:

The application for approval must be submitted to ECHA.

In order to secure an authorisation for Chromium trioxide and acids generated from CrO3, COVENTYA worked in the consortia CTAC ("Chromium Trioxide REACH Authorization Consortium")and VECCO ("VereinzurWahrung von Einsatz und Nutzung von Chromtrioxid und anderenChemikalien in der Oberflächentechnik”).

The application for authorization was submitted by Joint Applicants from CTAC, CTACSub, and are confident that the 6 uses applied for, will be authorized.

The two ECHA Committees RAC and SEAC (Risk Assessment Committee and Socio-economic Assessment Committee) have finalized their comments and forwarded them to the European Commission for final decision.

RAC and SEAC supported the submitted applications of CTACSub for the further use of chromium trioxide.  Clearly, the review periods were reduced:


It is anticipated that the authorization will be issued early in 2017 - hence, in advance of the 'sunset' date of September 21, 2017.  Ultimately, the European commission shall be responsible for the final decision.

Downstream Users are covered by the joint submission of the applicants and do not require separate authorization.

Within 90 days from the granted authorization, downstream users must notify their continued uses of chromium trioxide to ECHA including the authorization number.

OSH (Occupational safety and health) measures, resulting from the granted authorization, must be complied with and be proven when required.

COVENTYA expects to benefit from the authorization as an authorized upstream user and should continue to deliver products based on CrO3 according to the authorizations delivered by the EC after the sunset date.

As already stated, COVENTYA has made significant investments in Research and Development programs to develop viable and industrially proven alternatives to the use of CrO3 in all sectors of surface treatment.

We commit ourselves to accompany our customers in the implementation/approval of these alternatives towards a near future without CrVI. Until this transition is achieved we assure our customers a continued supply of CrO3 containing products within the limits established by the legislation

We hope to give you an overview of the current and future situation regarding Cr(VI)-authorisation with this statement.

Should you have any further questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us.


Miriam Jacob tor Weihen (COVENTYA GmbH, HSE Officer)

Dr. Klaus Wojczykowski (COVENTYA Beteilingungs GmbH, Group CTO)

Lionel Thiery (COVENTYA Holding SAS, European Technology Director)                             



Environmental friendly ammonia free electroless Nickel for Plating On Plastics.

Silken Metal 701 bilde7

Because of the strong smell ammonia based electroless Nickel is always painful.

During replenishment, pH adjustment and make-up ammonia escapes and leads to a strong odour.

COVENTYAs ammonia free electroless Nickel SILKEN METAL 701 is odourless and works almost with the same parameters, especially in regards of Nickel and Hypophosphite concentration, but also pH, temperature and immersion time are comparable with ammonia based electroless Nickel

Additional to the environmental benefit, SILKEN METAL 701 provides highest selectivity on bi-injected parts, which are more and more seen in all interior vehicles of the different European automotive OEMs.

COVENTYAs SILKEN METAL 701 is already installed in several major automatic POP platers across Europe and provides a more environmentally friendly workplace and increased yield for bi-injected parts.


COVENTYA strengthens position in Turkey


COVENTYA has signed an Agreement with the majority shareholders of Politeknik Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. to acquire 80 % of the shares and 87 % of the voting rights in the public company listed on the Istanbul stock exchange. Provided the provisions of the Agreement being fulfilled, a Closing is anticipated in the first quarter of 2017. In parallel an Agreement was signed with the owner of Telbis Yüzey Bilim Sınai Kimyasallar Sanayii ve Ticaret A. Ş., to acquire 100 % of the shares. Both acquisitions will allow COVENTYA to significantly enlarge its market position in the Turkish and middle-eastern markets.

With the planned takeover of Politeknik and Telbis, the longtime distributor of COVENTYA products for the General Metal Finishing market, the group foresees a significant increase of its market presence in Turkey and the surrounding markets. Telbis, becoming COVENTYA Turkey in the period following the Closing, will continue to act as a distributor of Plating Specialties and reinforce its position by drawing full benefit from group resources. COVENTYA plans to increase local manufacturing of its key products in order to shorten delivery times.

Politeknik is a dominant player in the field of Aluminum Surface Finishing in the Turkish and surrounding markets and has obtained a vast number of internationally recognized certificates for its product range geared towards the building industry (QUALICOAT, QUALANODE). Besides the high performance additives the company has become a major supplier of fully integrated aluminum processing plants, enjoying an excellent standing in its home markets. Through the recently formed US affiliate PM USA based in Atlanta, a first step into globalization has been achieved. COVENTYA will explore the potential of this additional technology by using its global network. The world class manufacturing and R&D facility based in Tuzla will most likely see a significant expansion in the years to come.

Aluminum Surface Finishing is seen by COVENTYA as a major building block of its future product strategy oriented towards light weight substrates which are promised an exciting future in several major markets.

COVENTYA SAS in Le Bijoutier International - December edition


Le Bijoutier International, the magazine dedicated to jewelery and fashion accessories has published an interview of L. Theret, head of the COVENTYA French branch, in its Decembre 2016 edition, click HERE and read more (English translation available page 5).


COVENTYA CHINA will attend YIWU Surface Finishing Show 2016

salon China2

COVENTYA CHINA will participate in YIWU Surface Finishing Show which is held together with electroplating and coating show from 18 to 21 November, 2016.

YIWU is a worldwide manufacturing and processing base, capital of hardware appliances, largest goods distributing center in the world and, most importantly, industrial base and key window for export-oriented economy development in China. It is famous for the commodity manufacturing.

Thus, it’s a big opportunity for our company to attend this show. Our main objective will be to promote our precious metal products.

You are welcomed to visit us at booth number C02-04.