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THE DRIVE OFF ROAD - Aluminium Surface Treatment


CO2 balances and electromobility are two major drivers for weight reduction in vehicles. Aluminum is one of the most important light metals and therefore always belongs to the tight selection when it comes to saving weight. In addition, aluminum is a tried and tested construction metal in almost all branches of industry, even outside the automotive industry.

The challenge for surface technology is to create several properties, such as wear and corrosion protection, or decorative appearance. This paper provides an overview of various possibilities for the surface treatment of aluminum.


LANTHANE 613.3, a single process solution for conversion and sealing

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Surface finishing is an integral part of the global aerospace industry, with much of this business focused on treating Aluminium with anodising and passivation processes. This has traditionally been dominated by a small number of specified coatings, which are based on hexavalent chromium and dichromate substances. The use of these substances has become objectionable, and there is growing pressure to remove them from the supply chain.

Regulations such as REACh, are the driving force behind the removal of hazardous substances from surface treatment applications, which has created opportunities for the introduction of new and novel processes that can be used as conversion and prepaint coatings on Aluminium, and as a seal for anodising.

Enabling the surface finishing industry to meet these demands, speciality chemical company Coventya have introduced a range of products that are free from hexavalent chromium and dichromate substances. Lanthane 613.3 is a new product for conversion and sealing, offering a single process solution for the cost effective and sustainable treatment of Aluminium and anodising.

Precious Metals newsletter from COVENTYA highlights innovative new finishing technology


We are pleased to present our first Precious Metals Newsletter with a focus on new Nickel free technology AURALLOY SHIELD LF. In order to meet fashion market needs, driven also by more and more stringent legislative requirements in terms of the use of Nickel in the fashion industry, COVENTYA focused their R&D effort on developing a new technology, with the objective to increase the resistance achieved on parts plated with non-allergic or Nickel free sequences. Read more about the benefits of the white bronze plating process that is highly efficient and simple to operate here:

COVENTYA completes first two add-on acquisitions since Silverfleet invested in May 2016


Silverfleet Capital, the European private equity firm with a buy-to-build strategy, is pleased to announce that Fund II portfolio company Coventya has made two add-on acquisitions, both in Turkey.

Coventya, headquartered in Villeneuve-la-Garenne near Paris, is a global, leading specialty chemicals group focused on surface treatment to the automotive, construction, luxury and consumer goods, data storage, and oil & gas industries.

In the larger of the two deals Coventya has acquired an 80.6% interest in Borsa Istanbul-listed Politeknik Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“Politeknik”), a leading manufacturer of aluminium surface treatment (“AST”) chemicals and engineering services for the corresponding application equipment with revenues of over €9 million. Coventya will also launch a mandatory tender offer (“MTO”) for the remaining 19.4% of the company’s shares in compliance with the principles and procedure of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey. Politeknik, which has a world class manufacturing facility in Tuzla, Istanbul, also has an affiliated company in the USA, based in Atlanta, and currently exports 20% of its chemical sales. Coventya plans to use its worldwide distribution network to help further penetrate the AST chemicals market in the USA and Europe. The lightweight properties of aluminium are driving growth in its usage in the automotive, construction and several other sectors.

The company’s second transaction is the acquisition of Telbis. With revenues of c.€3 million, Telbis is Coventya’s exclusive distributor of chemicals to the general metal finishing (“GMF”) market in Turkey. Telbis, which will be renamed Coventya Kimya, will be able to draw on the resources of the group to gain market share in the region.

The aggregate deal size will be c.€18 million, with Silverfleet funds investing slightly over €4 million of additional equity depending on the outcome of the MTO process which will commence shortly.

Thomas Costa, CEO, and Torsten Becker, CFO of Coventya commented: “We are delighted that these two acquisitions will both reinforce our expertise in aluminium surface treatment and further develop our international footprint in GMF by creating a direct presence in Turkey”.

Jean Châtillon, Principal at Silverfleet Capital said: “In a still fragmented sector, these two transactions are Coventya’s next steps in a Buy & Build plan to further develop Coventya’s range of technologies and its international presence.”

The advisers to Coventya were:

European Growth Management (M&A), Latham & Watkins, Paksoy, Gide, Advancy, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers.


COVENTYA meets the high production demands of zinc nickel with cutting edge technology

More and more Zinc-Nickel specifications demand improved thickness distribution for a number of reasons.   Uniform coatings perform better for applications that have tight tolerances and require significant corrosion protection. This is particularly an issue when subjected to cyclic corrosion tests as these are dependent upon the thickness of the sacrificial coating.

With COVENTYA's PERFORMA Zinc Nickel plating systems, excellent deposit thickness distributions can be attained while maintaining high productivity. For the applicator, this is much more than just the ability to meet the specification.   It's about throughput and profitability. This is realized by plating faster in the low current density areas and achieving the specified minimum thickness on all areas of the part. The result is higher productivity and less waste, especially in the high current density areas. 

The unique formulation of the PERFORMA processes from COVENTYA efficiently produces exceptional uniform deposits all while maintaining plating speed that supports the world's demand for high productivity. 

If you are interested to learn more about COVENTYA's market leading technology for alkaline Zinc-Nickel please contact us