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COVENTYA CHINA will attend YIWU Surface Finishing Show 2016

salon China2

COVENTYA CHINA will participate in YIWU Surface Finishing Show which is held together with electroplating and coating show from 18 to 21 November, 2016.

YIWU is a worldwide manufacturing and processing base, capital of hardware appliances, largest goods distributing center in the world and, most importantly, industrial base and key window for export-oriented economy development in China. It is famous for the commodity manufacturing.

Thus, it’s a big opportunity for our company to attend this show. Our main objective will be to promote our precious metal products.

You are welcomed to visit us at booth number C02-04.

COVENTYA SAS sustaining member of the ESTAL


COVENTYA SAS is sustaining member of the ESTAL, click HERE to discover our certificate.

A little reminder: the Mission of ESTAL is to defend and promote the interests of its members at an international level. It is an unavoidable actor in the Aluminium Surface Treatment sector at European level. ESTAL is member of the European Aluminium Association. More info on : www.estal.org

COVENTYA CHINA will attend SFCHINA 2016 in Guangzhou

SFCHINA 2016 in Guangzhou

COVENTYA CHINA will participate in the 29th SFCHINA held in Guangzhou from 30 Nov to 02 Dec 2016.

SFCHINA is a Leading Surface Finishing show. It has already been confirmed that over 270 exhibiting companies from 18 countries will their products on an extensive exhibition area of 14,000 m². The show will expect more global and domestic industry players to exhibit and visit.

You are welcomed to visit us at booth number 12.2B07-12

For more info on the show: http://www.sfchina.net


RAC and SEAC have finalized their opinion for the future of Hexavalent Chromium usage in Plating on Plastics applications

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Next step in the progress on Applications for REACH Authorization of Several Uses of Chromium Trioxide – RAC and SEAC Draft Opinions

In June the committees RAC (Risk Assessment) and SEAC (Socio-Economic Analysis) submitted their draft opinion for the future usage of hexavalent Chrome to ECHA.

As a next step RAC and SEAC have finalized their opinion. Further editing is expected over the next weeks before publication, but there will be no substantial changes. The review periods adopted remain as previously drafted:

Uses group 3 (decorative plating), 5 (miscellaneous surface treatment) and 6 (ETP): 4 years.

The files will now be forwarded to the European Commission for decision-making, probably early 2017.


COVENTYA’s SILKEN BOND technology, a complete chrome free pre plate process will be released soon and therefore SILKEN BOND will be commercial available. 

The latest innovation of SILKEN BOND is the possibility to plate bi-injected parts with excellent selectivity.

As already stated, parts processed with the SILKEN BOND process have already been submitted to numerous automotive OEMs for various testing including adhesion tests by thermal shock and peel tests. All of the test requirements have been met and this has led to several OEM approvals having been written and issued to COVENTYA.

The planning for new POP plating lines for different industry segments are already well advanced and the start-up of these operations are planed by the end of 2017.

It is exciting to see the future of Non-Chrome POP plating has just begun and will unveil its full potential in the years to come. For more information contact your local COVENTYA partner.

Dr. Thorsten Kühler takes over role of Executive Vice President Europe


Thorsten KÜHLER nominato Vice Presidente Esecutivo per l’Europa
Il Gruppo COVENTYA ha visto crescere la sua attività globale grazie ad una tecnologia superiore e ad un servizio clienti di prim'ordine. Alla luce di ciò, si è ravvisata la necessità di dare una nuova organizzazione operativa al Gruppo. 
Come parte di questa riorganizzazione interna siamo lieti di annunciare che Thorsten Kühler è stato nominato Vice Presidente Esecutivo per l’Europa con decorrenza dal 1° Giugno 2016.
Nello svolgere questa nuova attività sarà sua responsabilità allineare tutte le nostre entità europee dal punto di vista strategico e operativo.
Essendo il nostro nucleo storico, l’Europa gioca un ruolo importante come cuore tecnologico e base operativa dell’intero Gruppo COVENTYA. Inoltre, crediamo ci sia ancora notevole spazio di crescita in Europa e vogliamo quindi fare il più possibile per fare in modo che negli anni a venire riusciremo a raggiungere gli ambiziosi obiettivi che ci siamo posti.

Dr. Thorsten Kühler takes over role of Executive Vice President Europe

Coventya Group has enjoyed global growth due to its superior technology and world class service over the past years. In light of this ongoing success story there is an increasing need to adjust and reorganize the way we operate our group. 

As part of this reorganization we are happy to announce that Dr. Thorsten Kühler will officially take over the position as Executive Vice President Europe as of October 1st 2016.

In his new role he will be responsible for the strategic and operational alignment of our European entities.

Being our historic core, Europe plays an important role as technology hub and operational base for the Coventya group. Also, we continue to see significant growth potential for Coventya in Europe which we want to harvest to meet our ambitious revenue targets in the coming years.