COVENTYA is an international, privately owned company that develops, manufactures and distributes specialty chemicals for the surface finishing industry. With roots that date back to 1927, COVENTYA is an established and recognized leader in development and distribution of innovative surface finishing products in over 40 countries and 4 continents.  

Our products are as diverse as are the industries and applications they can be found in.  From automobiles and oil fields to computers and fashion, COVENTYA products touch lives each and every day.  A message to:


Our Customers

We are who we are today because of you.  We are reminded of this every time we see you or speak to you, receive a request for help or a thank you for help received, when we receive an order or a check or a complaint.  Sometimes we are reminded of this when we aren’t working at all, perhaps spending time with our families since, well, you allow us to do that.  Our very being is a direct result of your confidence in us as your supplier.  The moment we lose sight of that….. we lose you as well.  We know this and will do whatever is necessary to remind you of our commitment every chance we get.  


Our Future Customers

Today, you are fortunate to have a number of reputable and reliable suppliers to choose as your technology partner.  The real challenge is selecting the right one.  Why do so many surface finishers now choose COVENTYA? This decision is not unlike any of your purchasing decisions you make nearly every day even in your personal life.  You seek a proper balance between performance, quality, price and in some cases, after purchase support.  We all know this term. It’s called value and our customers recognize it every day through:

  • Business growth developed through one or more of our nearly 200 OEM/Tier 1 product approvals
  • Unique, high performance products that keep them ahead of the technology curve
  • A level of quality and reliability that allows them to better focus on their business
  • Responsive and knowledgeable support
  • A commitment to the future by focusing on the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit

Many suppliers make these claims; we live by them and look forward to an opportunity to prove that to you. 


Our Employees

Although innovative surface finishing technology is what we are known for, these products allow us to showcase our greatest assets; people.  Each and every day is viewed as an opportunity for our people to demonstrate their commitment to be the very best at what they do. COVENTYA employees share the following common traits:

vision and valuesCreative:  Open minds deliver innovation.  We encourage our employees to challenge conventional wisdom and to never stop asking why not?

Knowledgeable:  Commitment and hard work is important but without proper training, education and experience it is an inefficient use of energy. Our people know the industry, the technology and how to do their job.

Accountable:   Our employees take pride in being responsible for their own actions and constantly pursue that feeling of accomplishment when they complete an important task or project.

Respectful:  Above all else, our employees respect their peers, customers and the communities where they live and work. 

Dedicated:  There is no greater force than a group of people committed to a unified cause.  COVENTYA does not encourage dedication we require it.  Our continued growth is a clear indicator that dedicated employees are everywhere in our organization.

No Harassment Policy: we protect our employees, click here.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics: Coventya has adopted and implemented a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics defining the rules concerning our way of doing business. International standards of business ethics have been used to inspire our business philosophy, click here

Our Future Employees

If you carry these traits listed above and have the desire to capitalize on your skills and energy COVENTYA wants you.  We offer much more than just competitive compensation plans.  We offer clear career paths, a team centered approach that is both satisfying and rewarding and most important, an opportunity to reach your full potential.  Contact us in your local region and we will see what is available.